We want to thank all IRO member organisations who followed our offer to bring in suggestions. The IRO office is now keen to realize all wishes received.

We thank the following speakers for their acceptance so far:

Dr. Nicola Canestrini, SPCDRC (IT) – Development of an NRO from SPCDRC point of view
Stefano Margheri (IT), Author, Rescuedog handler – Book titel: “In the eyes of Mia” – Dog behaviour management
Dr. Lori Gordon, DVM (US), Member of IRO Commission for Science & Research – Washington disaster mud slide deployment and lessons learnt: Veterinary aspect during the Deployment , Change in Decontamination and system available in OSO for K9 and handlers
Marcia Koenig (US) – The development of Cadaver Search in K-9 SAR; 50 years of Volunteer Search Dog Work in the US: Challenges and Changes
Marc Courtois, CSP (FR) – Building a USAR search dog training site
Andreas Quint, RHFW (DE) – Development of rescue dog work within disaster control at the example of the city of Wiesbaden
Linda Hornisberger, REDOG (CH) – Development of rescue dog issues and significance for training for NRO and rescue dog handler
Dr. Wolfgang Zörner, (AT) – Development of IRO & tendencies Part 1: Past until presence (Gender, breed, tasks, NRO…)
Michael Pernsteiner, IRO (AT) – Development of IRO & tendencies Part 2: Future prospects
Jeremias Janki, REDOG (CH) – Thermal and wind in rescue dog work, demonstrated at construction and field model
Andrej Zunic, DVM, KVRP-K (SI) – Focused scent detection training for SAR dogs


The variety of themes embraces an interesting bow looking at the main theme ‘Rescue dog work changes – rescue dog work through the ages’ on different angles:

• The development of International disaster management/emergency help and an outlook on future challenges
• Practical deployment experience under consideration of stress factor for dog and human, VetMed aspects, thermal & wind,Cadaver Search as well as decontamination
• Demands on the construction of a modern USAR trainings area, focussed scent detection training as well asMantrailing as reasonable addition for area search
• But off course also changes for the rescue dog work and also for IRO: Past, present, future perspectivesA detailed overview on speakers & themes will be provided on this site soon!